• Custom dog collars made in the U.S.A.

    Custom dog collars made in the U.S.A.

  • Collars in three widths to fit your dog.

    Collars in three widths to fit your dog.

  • Custom K9 collars.

    Custom K9 collars.

  • Martingale style collars with a buckle closure.

    Martingale style collars with a buckle closure.

  • Add stripes for a unique custom look.

    Add stripes for a unique custom look.

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Embroidery can be placed on ANY collar. Names, phone numbers, and small designs. You may choose to place it

  • directly on the collar
  • on a stripe
  • or choose the Break-in-Stripe Design where embroidery can be placed
    • in the break alone or
    • both in the break and on the stripe

On Collar

On Stripe


Break-in-Stripe with Multiple Breaks

On Collar and on Stripe

SplitStripes Design with Break-in-Stripe

The RacingStripes and Split-Stripes are too small for embroidery. Embroidery with these designs is placed on the main collar as a Break-in-Stripe Design.

Embroidery is a decorative addition. It is not part of the structural integrity of the main collar.
Individual dogs put differing amounts of wear on a collar and the embroidery might not last as long as the collar itself.

Notes about embroidery:
Unfortunately, due to Trademark Law, we are not able to embroider logos; names of college or pro sports teams; logos or names of other companies; nor other official logos. Also, if your dog is named after a company or brand, we cannot duplicate the font style because that is also a violation of Trademark Law.

While our embroiderer has a vast array of colors and uses the closest matches possible to our collar colors, some colors are not exact matches.


On the right is list of the fonts we have available for embroidery. If you don't specify a font when you order, the CAMBRIDGE font will be used.

All Caps or
First Letter

First Letter Capitalized

All Caps, ONLY



Small embroidered designs can also be added to collars. Because of the thick material and textured surface, designs are kept very simple, but we still have lots of choices and colors are not restricted--choose ANY color you can think of! 

Prices can be found on the PRICING page. To order designs, type what you'd like, placement, and color(s) in the Special Instructions Memo Box on the order form.

We are working on a new photo gallery for the main site. Until it's complete, you can view happy customers and more designs on the BD photo albums on FB or on the BD Instagram account. You can click on any of the images here to see a full size image.










Collars with Crowns,  Dog Bones and Sun bursts


Customize your Collar

We have listed a number of the popular combinations of the many features you have to choose from when designing your BLOCKY DOGS® collars.  But you many want to select every feature yourself.  Don't worry, we've created a MEGA Custom items for every collar width:

K9 Collars

K9 handlers, make your K9 partner stand out from the rest of the pack!  Custom collars with badges for all branches of law enforcement, Military, Fire, Search & Rescue, and more!