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Custom Dog Collars

All BLOCKY DOGS® collars are custom-made in the U.S.A.


     You choose from 

  • Flat Collar 
  • DualGrip Collar
  • K9 Collar


Depending on the width you choose, you will have from 9 to 17 colors for the collar

When ordering a DualGrip, which has three sections, you can choose a different color for each section

Each collar width will have a selection of the choices and an image of the available colors for that width


You can decide the size of your collar, based on your dog's neck size.  We provide detailed instructions and images on the proper way to measure.


You can further customize your dog's collar by adding one or more stripes to the collar.

Stripes come in 4 widths, though not all widths are available for each collar width

  • SlimStripe - 5/8" is perfect on a Baby Blocky collar to show both stripe and collar colors. NOTE: this width is too narrow for emboridery
  • 1" width - can be added to any collar width
  • 1.5" width - can only be added to 1.5" and 2" collars
  • 2" width - only for the 2" width collar 


Embroidery lets you make your dog's collar completely distinctive

  • Add the dog's name or your phone number
  • Special designs like 
    • Hearts
    • Dog Bones
    • Fleur-di-Lis
    • Paw Prints
    • and more 
  • Extra color - you pick the color of the embroidery
  • With a stripe you can add embroidery on the stripe (l1" stripe or wider) or on the collar with Break-in-Stripe