Custom Dog Leashes

BLOCKY DOGS® leashes are available as

Standard 6ft Nylon leash (no handle snap, no D-rings)

6ft, 3-way adjustable Nylon leash

6ft Lock-n-Lead™ - BLOCKY DOGS® combination adjustable leash + traffic lead design

18" Nylon Traffic Leads.

All BLOCKY DOGS® nylon leashes and traffic leads are a comfortable 1" width.



The Lock-n-Lead™ (above) has a handle at the end of the lead (closer to the dog) for pulling your dog in close, with the addition of adjustability options. When *locked* together, the panic snap on the end of the main lead keeps it securely attached to the traffic lead and acts as a normal 6ft lead. You can use both pieces together or separate them. The main lead has an extra ring in it (at yellow arrow above) allowing you to secure it around your shoulder while using the traffic lead alone or for use as a hands-free lead.

Just looking for a plain leash with no frills? We can do that too! Image above (black lead) is a standard 6ft leash with the regular loop for the handle, no D-rings, and just one snap to attach to the dog's collar. You may still opt for one color or two, and you may still choose the type of snap for attaching to your dog's collar.

6 ft, 3-way adjustable Leash
Handle Snap: Stainless Steel, Solid Brass
Snap to attach to collar: Stainless Steel, Solid Brass, or Quik-Release-Loc Snap - optional

Click any image for a larger view.

Halved to form 3ft lead

Hands-Free/over one shoulder


Stainless Steel Panic Snap that joins two sections of the leash is standard. You get to choose the other two snaps:
Handle Snap: Stainless Steel Bolt Snap, Solid Brass Bolt Snap
Traffic Lead Snap: Stainless Steel Bolt Snap, Solid Brass Bolt Snap, or Stainless Steel Panic Snap


Your choice of solid brass or stainless steel bolt snap for handle end.


The material break strength is 4,300 lbs. All leads are double layer.

Adjustability (6ft, 3-way and Lock-n-Lead)

Welded stainless steel D-rings

D-rings reinforced with extra material on both sides

Snaps are available in stainless steel and solid brass. (We do not use snaps made of throw-away/"pot" metals.)

The nylon leashes can be made in one solid color or you can choose a two-color combination. Getting a collar with a CenterStripe™? You can choose two colors for your leash to compliment the collar!


Hunter Orange (it's bright!)
Golden Yellow
Neon Yellow (it's bright!)
Forest Green
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Electric Purple
Bully Pink
Hot Pink



"I just took Juneau and her new BLOCKY DOGS® leash out for a walk. What a cool leash! Very soft, compared to the rough under-side of the old leather leash we had. The stitching in the old leash was coming out near the grip/handle, and the ends were rolling back, but that won’t happen with this one. Another great BLOCKY DOGS® design!" - Mary and Juneau

Our leash colors compliment our collar and stripe colors. The colors are fairly close in shades, but due to different dye lots and different weaves of material they may not be an exact match.

Even though we offer standard designs, as shown on this page and in our LEASHES photo gallery, if you need a custom length, we can do that! Put details of your special request in the Special Instructions Box on your order form,  and we will email the price to you in your confirmation, whether that is higher or lower than the usual price.