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Custom Dog Leashes

BLOCKY DOGS® makes several Nylon leash styles, all 1" width:

  • Standard 6ft leash (no handle snap, no D-rings)
  • 6ft, 3-way adjustable Nylon leash
  • 6ft Lock-n-Lead™ (4.5' adjustable leash+1.5' traffic lead)
  • 18" Nylon Traffic Leads.
  • Custom lengths--Just Contact Us.



6ft STANDARD: Just looking for a plain leash with no frills? Choose the Standard 6ft leash. You may still opt for one color or two, and you may still choose the type of snap for attaching to your dog's collar: Stainless Steel Bolt Snap, Solid Brass Bolt Snap, or Brass Heavy Clothespin Snap.

6ft, 3-WAY ADJUSTABLE: Leash has snaps at both ends and three D-rings spaced along the lead for adjustability or for use over one shoulder as a hands-free lead.

The LOCK-n-LEAD™ has a handle at the end closer to the dog, for pulling your dog in close, with the addition of adjustability options. When *locked* together, the heavy clothespin style snap on the end of the main lead keeps it securely attached to the traffic lead for use as a normal 6ft lead. Use both pieces together or separate them. The main lead has an extra ring in it (at yellow arrow in the photo above) allowing you to secure it around your shoulder to use the lead hands-free or just to hold while using the traffic lead alone.

Halved to form 3ft lead

Hands-Free/over one shoulder


blockydogs clothspinsnap 2019T       

Bolt snaps are available in stainless steel and solid brass. Heavy Clothespin Snap is only made in Solid Brass.


  • Material break strength is 4,300 lbs. All leads are double layer.
  • Adjustability (6ft, 3-way and Lock-n-Lead)
  • Welded stainless steel D-rings
  • D-rings reinforced with extra material.
  • Strong snaps.

Leashes can be made in one solid color or you can choose a two-color combination.


Hunter Orange (it's bright!)
Golden Yellow
Neon Yellow (it's bright!)
Forest Green
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Electric Purple
Bully Pink
Hot Pink



Leash colors *compliment* collar and stripe colors: Most colors are fairly close in shades, but due to different dye lots they might not be an exact match.