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Blocky Dogs are Special dogs

Although every dog is special and I love seeing each of your dogs in their BLOCKY DOGS® collars, here are a couple of truly special BLOCKY DOGS®.

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INCA - K9 officer for Massillon, OH

Meet Inca, a Dogo Argentino– the latest crime-fighting tool to be unleashed in the city of Massillon, OH.

In 2010, Inca became the first of his breed to be certified as a dual purpose K-9 Unit in the U.S. The designation means Inca can be used for drug detection as well as police work, including tracking down fleeing suspects.

Inca is one of many K9 dogs wearing a custom BLOCKY DOGS® collar. See more examples of the wide variety of collars and badges K9 BLOCKY DOGS® are wearing.


BLOCKY DOGS® is excited and proud to have outfitted
the character of "Gus" the American Bulldog 
on TNT's Saving Grace®.

On the show, Gus was the beloved pet of Grace (Academy Award® and Emmy® Award-winning actress Holly Hunter). The new collar debuted in the August 11th, 2009 episode and Gus continued to wear his BLOCKY DOGS® collar in all episodes after that date!

BLOCKY DOGS®is proud to outfit Gus because his role in the show is one of a beloved pet and companion, as well as being a positive image for the "bully" breeds.

Gus's real name is Spanky and his owner is Hollywood Bear Trainer, Ruth LaBarge. Her website: www.bearwithme.org

Triple Team Threat

BLOCKY DOGS® is very proud to be sponsoring Team Triple Threat, a DockDiving team of two Staffordshire Bull Terriers and one American Pit Bull Terrier: Bubbles, Maximus, and Twiztid!
This team is out there competing in a sport atypical for bully breeds and making a huge splash! What we liked most abut this team is the fact that while they're competing in an atypical sport and putting a great face on the bully breeds doing it, they are also educating the public as they go. How cool is that?! You can see some of their photos here--of course, sporting their
BLOCKY DOGS® gear--but be sure to take a visit to their websiteto read up on their bios, check their latest wins, and also check the list of venues where they'll be competing.


Tracey and her Black Angus Steer

OK, so Tracey's steer is not technically a BLOCKY DOG, but doesn't he look great in his 45" D-above-Buckle™ style collar?

Noodle from Ryerss Farm
Even a horse can be a Blocky Dog.  On the left is a picture of little Noodle (brown speckled horse) in his 2" width Kelly Green Regular Flat Collar with his name embroidered in black. His best friend Pirate, is looking on and wondering when he's going to get his BLOCKY DOGS® collar too. It was a very muddy day at Ryerss Farm * as you can see. But that's OK, since BLOCKY DOGS® collars can be thrown in the wash, and will come out as good as new

* Ryerss Farm is a retirement facility for aged and/or abused horses. Founded in 1888, it is the country’s oldest, non-profit organization dedicated to the care of these majestic animals.

Fenway Bartholomule

His name is Fenway Bartholomule. He is a mule. His collar is a 37.5". 
He has
 his own blog and website (there's another photo on his website of the other side of his collar showing the embroidey) and also his own Facebok page

You don't have to be a dog to wear a BLOCKY DOGS® Collar

steer collar tn

4H Black Angus Steer

Noodle tn



Fenway Bartholmule

Inca Massillon K9 Officer

K9 Inca Massillon OH tn

Saving Grace's Gus

saving grace gus collar tn

Gus's collar (above) is a 1.5" width Regular Flat Collar. Red with Royal Blue CenterStripe, Break-in-Stripe with his name in white thread/Cambridge font, and white stars embroidered down the length of the stripe.