Q. Why can't I just buy directly through the site?
Q. Why do I have to order and wait for the order to be made?
A. BLOCKY DOGS® does not keep a stock of collars. Every collar is individually hand-made specifically for the dog for whom it is ordered. At BLOCKY DOGS® you have the freedom to build your own unique collar instead of purchasing stock from a shelf. We want you to know that getting your individual order just right is as important to us as it is to you and your dog.

Q. Why do I have to measure my dog?
Q. Why can't I just go by the size collar my dog is wearing now?
A. Method of sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and collars that have been worn often stretch and are no longer the size they were when you purchased the collar. Sizing guidelines are given on the site because each collar is custom made and we want the collar you receive to fit correctly. We are unable to take returns because of the custom factor: If you order and receive a collar that does not fit your dog, you will have to pay for a new collar to be made.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Due to the custom nature of our products, we cannot offer exchanges or refunds.

If you cancel your order partway through the production time, while we are not able to offer a refund, we can keep a credit on file for you to be applied to a future order. The amount of credit will be determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on how much of the order has been completed. If the order is more than half-complete, then we will not be able to offer any credit.

If the size you ordered is off by an inch or two, we might be able to add another grommet hole (or two). This is determined on a case-by-case basis and the fee is generally between $10- $20 plus shipping. It’s super important to get the right size for your dog, so be sure to visit the sizing/measuring page for complete details on how to measure.

We are always open to discussion if you have a concern after receiving your order, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Q. How long does it take for me to receive my collar?
Q. How does the ordering process work?
A. After submitting your order, you will receive an email confirming that order within 24 hours. That email contains the order total plus shipping and instructions about payment, as well as any questions we might have regarding your order. You will also receive an email confirming the date your payment was received so you don't have to wonder if it made it or got lost. We regret that we can not begin work on a collar until payment is received. All BLOCKY DOGS® products are individually handmade which necessitates a certian amount of production time. Production time has recently been reduced and we are working toward reducing it even further. Production is currently running at an estimated 60-75 days from the date payment is received (this timeframe varies -- you may check in for updates along the way once your order is in the production line).
Note: Plain, Regular Flat Collars (without stripes or embroidery) can be produced in less time.
If you have any questions about your order during the production, please send an email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A shipping notification is emailed on the day the order is shipped.

Q. Rush orders?
A. As of January 1, 2008 I have ceased doing rush orders for any reason. While I appreciate that you are excited to receive your new custom gear, moving orders around in the line only sets other orders behind in production.

Q. When is my puppy big enough for a BLOCKY DOGS collar?
A1: BLOCKY DOGS® now offers BABY BLOCKY Collars: A 1" wide collar small enough for puppies or smaller "BLOCKY" dogs.  Click here to see colors, stripes and sizes.
A2. While it partially depends on the breed, most bully and Molosser breeds tend to widen up to the age of 3 (and some beyond that). If you're aiming to order only one collar and have it for when your pup reaches adulthood, in most cases at least ten-twelve months old is a good time to order. I cannot guarantee that your pup will not outgrow the collar, but I can help you select a size that will allow the collar to be worn on the smallest hole leaving three more holes (three inches) for growth room so you will get maximum use out of the collar before it's outgrown.
A3. If you're just wondering how big your dog needs to be before ordering a collar, then the dog's actual neck, not his/her current collar, must be at least 15" to fit the regular BLOCKY DOGS® collar size (which is 20"). A dog with a neck size as small as 9 - 10" can wear a BABY BLOCKY collar.

Q. How do you ship?
A. Within the USA, collars are sent via Priority 2-3 Day US Mail. Shipping price includes delivery confirmation. To Canada and overseas, collars are sent via Global Priority Mail which takes approximately 6-10 business days. Occasionally packages do get delayed in Customs which is something we have no control over and packages may take a few extra days to arrive. Shipping prices can be found on the PRICES page. Note: Overseas Customers, we cannot declare your purchase as a “gift”. Please read our Notice to Foreign Buyers Guide regarding Import Taxes.

Q: What does BLOCKY DOGS® do about Donations?
A: The donations I make are done on a quiet, discretionary basis. We aren’t able to take rescue requests, but we do keep our eyes open within our own community and definitely look out for the bully and Molosser breeds and do what we can when we have the ability.

If you're having a fundraiser, show, or event with a raffle, while I can't always donate a collar, I'm happy to send a Gift Certificate or another raffle item. I do have a specific number of items set aside for these types of events and precedence is given to groups with whom we've worked in the past, but if you're having an event, just contact me and I'll let you know if BD can donate.

Q. Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?
A. Yes! Since BLOCKY DOGS® collars are each unique, giving a Gift Certificate to someone who has a BLOCKY dog is a great way to let them design a collar for their dog. Gift Certificates can be mailed either to the person purchasing the certificate or directly to the recipient and the certificate can be shipped the same day of purchase. To order on-line: Gift Certificate form or email us with all the details and we can mail the certificate to you or to the recipient.

Q. Are you making other equipment?
A. Everything you see on the site is what we currently have available. BLOCKY DOGS® has set out to produce products that are either not currently available or to improve upon similar products that are. While it might limit potential buyers, we have set out to produce quality products, not merely replicas of already-available products just to make a sale. If we don't think a product can be made better or different, then we won't add it to our line. When new products have been designed and thoroughly tested they will be made available on the site.

Q: What's the difference between D-Above-Buckle/Agitation Style Flat Collar and Regular Flat Collar?
A: Placement of the main D-ring. It's usually a handler preference--though the D-Above-Buckle style gives the D-ring a little extra reinforcement by being under 4 layers of collar, but that also makes this a bulkier design which might not be comfortable for all-day-every-day wear. If your dog works or participates in dog sports (Schutzhund, Ring, PP, etc.) or spends a lot of time banging the end of a tie-out, then the D-Above-Buckle style might suit your needs better. If your dog is a family companion who goes for walks and hangs out in the yard, then the Regular Flat collar will suit your needs best.  MOST dogs will need the Regular Flat Collar.

Q. What color should I choose/Can you choose a color for my dog?
A. This is one thing we really can’t help you decide. We know there are a LOT of color choices, but what one person likes another may not. Things that may help you narrow your decision: favorite sport’s team colors; your own favorite color; your alma mater colors; or just browse through the galleries (over 1,100 photos!) and photos on our page on Facebook (1,000s more pix!) to see what others have created.

Q. Can you put spikes on my collar?
Q: Can you put holes in the collar so I can add spikes myself?
A. The majority of breeds for whom I make collars often have a difficult enough reputation in the eyes of the general public and, IMO, spiked collars only add to the negative stereotypes. So, I will not put spikes (nor holes for spikes) in any BLOCKY DOGS® product.

Q. "My dog chewed his collar are you going to replace it?" or "One of my dogs chewed the collar off of my other dog. Are you going to replace it?"
A. BLOCKY DOGS® collars are heavy-duty, but they are not chew-proof--NO collar is chew proof--and unfortunately, we cannot replace a chewed collar.

If your dog has a habit of slipping out of his collar and using it as a chew toy:

Make sure the collar is fitted correctly and that he is not uncomfortable.
Consider removing the collar when you are not available to supervise your dog.
If your second dog chewed the collar of your first dog:

These collars are heavy-duty and take some serious time to chew through. Supervise your dog when they play together and teach them not to use collars as chew toys.
If your second dog removes your first dog's collar when you are not home, then consider either separating the dogs or removing the collars when you are not there to supervise.

Q: How do I wash my BLOCKY DOGS® collars or leash?
A: BLOCKY DOGS® collars and leashes are machine-washable. Item may be put directly into washer or, to protect washer tub from hardware, place collar or leash into a pillowcase and knot or rubber band top of pillowcase closed. Wash in cold water, no bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do NOT put collar or leash into dryer.

It is safe to apply non-bleach stain removers or laundry detergent directly to heavily soiled areas. For more washing tips, visit our page on Facebook and check out the NOTES section.