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Two FLAT Collar styles:

Both styles of flat collars have the large main D-ring.
Which is right for your dog?

If your dog is a family companion who goes for walks and hangs out in the yard, then the Regular Flat collar will suit your needs.

If your dog works or participates in dog sports (Schutzhund, Ring, PP, etc.) or spends a lot of time banging the end of a tie-out, then the D-Above Buckle might suit your needs better.

In addition to the Flat collar features, the BLOCKY DUAL Grip™ Collar is a multi-functional martingale style collar. If your dog typically tries to back out of standard flat collars, the BLOCKY DUAL Grip™ collar has a center loop that tightens by pulling up both sides of the collar to grip your dog with even pressure making the collar unable to slip over your dog's head.

A signature Regular Flat Collar special design.

Stripes in color and design as shown. You get to choose the width, the Base Collar color, color for keeper and i.d. tag D-ring holder.

To order this style,

  • select the AuRoara Blaze collar in the width you would like,
  • select the base color you prefer.

That's it. It's that easy!




Customize your Collar

We have listed a number of the popular combinations of the many features you have to choose from when designing your BLOCKY DOGS® collars.  But you many want to select every feature yourself.  Don't worry, we've created a MEGA Custom items for every collar width: