You’ve seen the collars, now this page shows additional design options to make your collar your own unique creation!
Choose a stripe design to add more color:

  1. CenterStripe — A single stripe placed down the center of the collar. (Stripe widths: Slim, 1", 1.5", or 2")
  2. RacingStripes — Two narrow stripes placed side-by-side down the center of a collar.
  3. Split-Stripes — Two narrow stripes placed down each edge of the collar.

All stripes are applied with STRAIGHT ends. Pointed Ends are an option--Use the Special Instructions box on the order form to indicate where you want the points to be (ends of the stripe, next to the name only, or both).

CenterStripe Design

Stripe Color Choices


* Click to get a better look at the stripes.

CenterStripe™ on Collars

Color display is dependent on your monitor. Different dye lots can produce subtle shade differences. Unfortunately, BLOCKY DOGS® has no control over that.

Break-in-Stripe™ Design option for embroidery.

You can choose up to 3 different color stripes, or even different stripe designs, for the 3 sections of BLOCKY DUAL Grip™. Just use the Special Instructions box on the order form to list Stripe on Holes Side, Stripe on Grip, Stripe on Buckle Side

*Stripes and embroidery are decorative additions. Neither are part of the structural integrity of the main collar.  Individual dogs put differing amounts of wear on a collar, so embroidery or stripe ends might not hold up as well as the collar itself.*

RacingStripes™ and Split-Stripes™

RacingStripe Collars
RacingStripes™ (above) on a 1.5" red (left/lower) and
a 2" Electric Purple (right/upper), with
Break-in-Stripe™ for embroidery.

RacingStripes™ Design (above) is two stripes placed side-by-side, while SplitStripes™ Design is two stripes along outer edges (below). When placed on a 1.5" collar they cover up the majority of the base color and they also make the 1.5" collar quite stiff, though they will break in over time.

Red collar with black split stripes and white collar with royal blue and red stripes
With SplitStripes™, you can choose stripes of the same color or 2 different colors.

RacingStripe collar
The above collar is the same RacingStripes™ as the buckled collar on the left, but open so you can see it on the length of the collar.

The above collar is the same SplitStripe™ as the buckled collar on the left, but open so you can see it on the length of the collar.

Black collar with royal blue Split Stripes
On Titus' collar, above, the SplitStripes™ design is combined with the Break-in-Stripe™ to place the embrodiery in the middle.



Customize your Collar

We have listed a number of the popular combinations of the many features you have to choose from when designing your BLOCKY DOGS® collars.  But you many want to select every feature yourself.  Don't worry, we've created a MEGA Custom items for every collar width: