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Baby Blockies

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Baby Blocky Collar

1" width Flat Collar. You pick collar color and size.


Baby Blocky Collar with Embroidery

1" width Flat Collar with Embroidery (cost of embroidery will be added to base price).


Baby Blocky Collar with Stripe

Baby Blocky Collar with Center Stripe. 5/8" CenterStripe is default choice. Optional 1" width Patterned Stripe covers surface.


Baby Blocky Collar, Stripe & Embroidery

1" width Flat Collar with CenterStripe and Embroidery on the collar (Break-in-Stripe). Cost of embroidery will be added to base price.


Baby Blocky Collar, MEGA Custom

1" width BABY BLOCKY Flat Collar MEGA Custom with whatever options you want. Embroidery costs will be added to base price. Can't embroider ON Slim Stripe (5/8")--Will be Break-in-Stripe. A 1" width Patterned stripe covers surface of collar. You can choose color of i.d. tag D-ring tab; color of Keeper, contrasting Edge stitching {Black, White, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple}


Stripes and Fonts

If the collar style you have selected has a stripe, click on the thumbnail image below to see a full size image of your stripe choices.

Font options for embroidery

 Embroidery fonts


Customize your Collar

We have listed a number of the popular combinations of the many features you have to choose from when designing your BLOCKY DOGS® collars.  But you many want to select every feature yourself.  Don't worry, we've created a MEGA Custom items for every collar width: