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Baby Blocky Collar

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Colors for 1 inch collars

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  • Same double-layer ¼” thickness,
  • double lines of stitching down each edge,
  • same type of hardware used in the wider collars,
  • 17 base color choices, custom sizes, and, of course,
  • the BD double dog logo on the keeper.
  • The Webbing - BLOCKY DOGS® collars are two layers thick, each layer having an average break strength of over 5,500 pounds in the12" width.
  • The Width - Width spread out the strain placed on the front of the neck caused by pulling; thereby putting less force on the trachea.
  • The Hardware - Only stainless steel, nickel-plated steel and solid brass are used. All hardware is welded.
  • The Buckle - Stainless steel buckles spreading out the stress points and reducing the chances of a really heavy-duty dog snapping a buckle tongue under pressure.
  • D-Rings -- The main D-rings are very heavy, welded, Stainless steel and are custom manufactured for the BLOCKY DOGS® company (you will not find these D-rings in any other dog collars).
  • The Grommets - Industrial grommets in heat-sealed holes prevent stretching and fraying of the holes. (We do not use eyelets. And we haven't ever had a grommet come out of a collar).
  • The Stitching - BLOCKY DOGS® collars are double-stitched on all edges with rot, mold, mildew and heat resistant bonded nylon thread.

Stripes and Fonts

If the collar style you have selected has a stripe, click on the thumbnail image below to see a full size image of your stripe choices.

Font options for embroidery

 Embroidery fonts


Customize your Collar

We have listed a number of the popular combinations of the many features you have to choose from when designing your BLOCKY DOGS® collars.  But you many want to select every feature yourself.  Don't worry, we've created a MEGA Custom items for every collar width: