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Each collar is individually handmade exclusively for the dog who will wear it. Since we offer the largest selection of colors and designs for nylon collars, you’re sure to create gear as unique as your dog.  Collars can be made in 3 styles and 3 widths,  for every dog from puppies and smaller breeds, who wish they were Blocky Dogs to the largest dog breeds.  We've even made BLOCKY DOGS® for steers, mules and horses

Each collar is custom-made specifically 
for the dog who will wear it.
You design it:

Choose a style, a width, a base color

Measure your dog for correct size

Opt to add more color with one or two stripes

Add embroidery to personalize

Then we build it!

We've set up some basic styles of each type and width of collar, so you can decide first which style you like, then customize the collar by your choice of colors.  or if you'd prefer to make all the choices, then go for our MEGA Custom.  There is a set of links to all MEGA Custom collars in the left margin, as well as a MEGA Custom choice in each of the Width-Collar Style choices.  Get started by clicking on of the links below:

Baby Blocky CollarsBaby Blocky Collars

1.5" Flat Collars

2" Flat Collars

1.5" DualGrip Collars

2" DualGrip Collars

K9 Collars